The Global Jukebox is the culmination of a lifetime of groundbreaking work by Alan Lomax.  His efforts to record and compile song and dance from around the world led to a collaborative research project whose aim was to learn the unspoken language of the performing arts.  This is now embodied within the Global Jukebox, an interactive portal for the world’s music, dance and speaking traditions from almost every corner of the earth, recorded by hundreds of pioneering ethnographers.  Here, you can discover ancient families of song and dance and how they link the world’s cultures.  This is a resource for all with curiosity and love for the expressive arts and the world we live in. 

The Global Jukebox is divided into three broad areas of inquiry: 

Cantometrics, an analysis of the elements of song within and across cultures, and Choreometrics and Parlametrics similarly evaluating dancing and speaking.  What can expressive culture tell us about the human story? Are the arts intrinsic to culture?  Are there significant correlations between expressive style and culture and what do they tell us?  These are some of the issues that drive the research behind the Jukebox.  You may have your own questions you seek to answer.


The Global Jukebox offers many ways of exploring the world’s song and dance treasures and their fascinating cross-cultural connections.  Start with the joy of simply listening and watching.  Search by genre or culture, with either the Wheel Chart or the Map, and experience the thousands of songs and videos that come from a myriad of traditions

You can seek your ancestry through song and dance, or uncover the roots and connections of your favorite musical genre.  Dancers, teachers, filmmakers, students and critics can try Choreometrics, rapid coding and description.  Choreographers may want to look at some of our regional and ethnic movement profiles.

Take a guided tour with Journeys through the vibrant musical culture of a single region or style.  Look at clusters of any tradition’s song styles, or search for your own answers with our analytical tools. The Global Jukebox is an extraordinary resource.  It offers an endless array of possibilities for research, study and pure fun in the world of music, dance and folklore.  Let the adventures begin.